Cluecon 2009

I will be speaking at ClueCon this year. The talk will be about writing FreeSwitch modules and how the development process compares to writing modules for Asterisk in terms of APIs. If you are interested in learning how to write modules for Asterisk and/or Freeswitch, this is your chance!

The full schedule is still being prepared so be sure to check the site later when it’s done.

I could not decide which banner to use here, so I decided to put 3 I really liked 🙂 … if you use any open source telephony application, support developers by attending or at least putting one of these banners on your site.

From the ClueCon site:
ClueCon – is an annual 3-Day Telephony User and Developer Conference bringing together the entire spectrum of Telephony from TDM circuits to VoIP and everything in between. The presentations and discussions will cover several open source telephony applications such as Asterisk/Callweaver, OpenSIPS/Kamailio (formerly OpenSER), Bayonne, YATE and FreeSWITCH. Other great projects that will be discussed include OPAL and Woomera.

More funny banners at:

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