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GDB strcmp in a core dump

I tried finding an answer on google about how to do a strcmp operation in a core dump and could not find any solution. The answers available focused on using “call” to call the libc strcmp() function on a live … Continue reading

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Wanpipemon cookies: ISDN pcap traces

PRI and BRI telephony links use the Q.931 and Q.921 protocols in its respective D-channel for call control and link reliability respectively. It is sometimes required to analyze protocol messages in a given link in order to troubleshoot call problems. Wanpipemon makes possible … Continue reading

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Telephony Stack Exchange Q&A Site

A nice proposal for a telephony Q&A site has been done in Stack Exchange. If you’re involved in telephony go show your support for the proposal!

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GIT hooks

I started using git hooks to update a clone repository with git pull just after every push to the repository. It was a bit of a pain to get it to work. The hook kept complaining about “fatal: Not a … Continue reading

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Wanpipemon cookies: Checking Sangoma FXO status

This is the first post in what I expect to be a long series of posts called “Wanpipemon cookies”. They aim to be small and easy to swallow posts with tips on how to use “Wanpipemon”, the debugging tool provided … Continue reading

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OpenR2 1.3.1 released

I just released openr2 1.3.1 ( The binary compatibility report is at The most significant changes are: – Proper DTMF R2 support, including new timers to tweak the end of DTMF timeout. – Indonesian variant – Test for lib64 … Continue reading

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Recursively find topmost SVN directory

I’ve been doing some refactoring on the build system for our transcoding package ( for the Sangoma Transcoding D-Series cards. It is just a simple Makefile, however, there are some non-open source bits that also need to be built and … Continue reading

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Astricon 2010

Today (or yesterday, since it is already 1:08am), I spoke at Astricon about the PRI passive call recording feature I developed the last year. Presentation in PDF and PPT available here:

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select system call limitation in Linux

Try finding a network sample code of how to accept TCP connections and most likely you will find the select() system call in such code. The reason being that select() is the most popular (but not the only one as … Continue reading

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I hate SELinux

I am not a security-savvy person, even though I know pretty well how to code defensively to avoid security issues in my C code, my security knowledge in a Linux system is pretty average (use firewall, do not run services … Continue reading

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